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Three Poems – Meghan Marohn

Three poems from Meghan Marohn, who is a poet, writer, artist, environmentalist, and educator who lives in Troy.

Housewife Tuesday

Housewife Tuesday: Rebuttal

Mary Panza is back to talk about everyone, young and old, being welcome and having a seat at the big poetry table.

The Next Chapter

Half-Dead Poet Review

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Albany Poets Presents Elizabeth Gordon

The Albany Poets Presents series of poetry, spoken word, and conversation continues on Wednesday, June 20 at Restaurant Navona with local poet, performer, and educator Elizabeth Gordon. 

The 2018 Albany Word Fest is Almost Here

The 2018 Albany Word Fest is right around the corner. In just 10 days our week-long celebration of the poetry and spoken word kicks off at the Hudson River Coffee House.

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