Love and History: A Celebration of Black Lives and Black Poetry

Throughout history, black women in particular have had their sexuality built and distorted by white poets on many occasions. By incorporating eroticism into their work, these writers deconstruct the misconceptions of their sexual lives and assert their truth.  Where once black people had been silenced and shamed for their sexuality, it has now taken the reigns of Modern Black Love poetry. 

Interview with Francine Witte

Rebecca Schumejda interviews Francine Witte, the author of two full-length poetry collections, "Café Crazy" and "The Theory of Flesh".

Brass Tacks, February 18

Dan Wilcox made it out to the February 2020 edition of Brass Tacks, hosted by Nick Bisanz, at The Low Beat and files this report.

Housewife Tuesday: 51 and Done

Mary Panza is 51 and done - planning her future beginning with laser hair removal. Shooting for the moon as you all can see.

Two Poems – Christopher Burton

Two poems - "Perfect Transcendence" and "Unspoiled Eden" - from the October 2019 Poets Speak Loud featured reader Christopher Burton.

Misfit Magazine #28 Now Available

Editor Alan Catlin announces that the 28th edition of Misfit Magazine is now live online at Issue No. 28, Fall 2019.

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