the ghost of a rose

the neighborhood
of trees
spread dreamt
full fingered
I outstretch for
a blind more
like a loose garment
slung or hung
to whatever corner of
skin and bone
I can
stick to

for every
of a little prayer
I sent
for you

unfolding them
burrow wings
that till-row
each birth
gardening my
fertile memories
each ripening
of dance
and light in
tumbling chaos
pillared with
fight and flight
the spaces inside me
that can save me
from my permanent
arrest warrant
and can keep
my heart and mind
from getting smaller
and smaller
with each secondhand
that goes whizzing by
without you

crows lose their mouths
for more ears at night
wait for Dawn to pick
the remnant crumb
gestures of
a heart’s
passing glances
are passed off
as observational artistry
and loose boundaries
that come
into focus
when I smile
with what Love
can do to me
when surrendered to
at the spill edge
of the horizon again

bleeding myself
into poured paint
into inkwells
I feather quill dip
my bending
my intentions
my every mention
for you
onto paper
into words
that flesh
my soul’s calculus
in the spaces inside
the neuro-chemical
electron fields with
whisper apparitions
of you

all that
I desire
being alive with
is deep
in the drawn
circled scent
of you
I find myself
at home with
in the dark