WordXWord Festival 2013

The WordXWord Festival is kicking off on Sunday and we have some exciting information on the FREE workshops that will be taking place throughout week. These workshops will be led by the “poets in residence” Jon Sands, Robbie Q. Telfer, Adam Falkner, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz, and Omar Holman.

WordXWord is pleased to offer 5 free workshops led by 5 dynamic, nationally recognized spoken word artists. While each workshop has a unique focus, they are open to all experience levels and ages. We encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Our guarantee – These workshops will be stimulating, perhaps challenging, but definitely FUN. To preregister (strongly recommended), email web@wordxwordfestival.com. Workshops will be held at 395 North Street, 2nd Floor and will last approximately 1 hour.

Monday, August 12, 5P Workshop – Taking It To The Streets, Jon Sands

When you write, who are you speaking to? More specifically, if this is a huge world (it is) and a tiny world (also is), then how does the performance you’re carving out of it fit into the entire picture? We’ll discover where we’d most like to see our poems, and on what people (or park benches, or A trains, or moons of Saturn) we’d most like to see them land. Get ready to put words into practices, as we take our show on the road and figure out what it means to go public.

Email to preregister (strongly recommended).

Tuesday, August 13, 5P Workshop – Animals, Cartoons, and Cartoons About Animals, Robbie Q Telfer

99% of poetry is boring and stupid and written as the dying breath of an ancient white guy. This workshop will look at poetry that is alive, written about animals and cartoons, and taught by a white guy in his 30s.

Email to preregister (strongly recommended).

Wednesday, August 14, 5:30P Workshop – In Need of Some Serious DAP, Adam Falkner

This workshop is an introduction to the Dialogue Arts Project, a groundbreaking new initiative in education dedicated to using poetry and the creative arts as a means of generating dialogue across lines of identity. Combining equal elements of performance, creative writing, interactive exercises and small group dialogue, this workshop seeks to provide everyone with an increased understanding of diversity, social identity and self. Educators in attendance will also receive tangible resources including lesson plans, creative writing workshops and protocol for how to develop safe, identity-centered dialogue in the classroom. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Email to preregister (strongly recommended).


Friday, August 16, 5:30P Workshop – Getting Ink, Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz

Are you interested in getting your poetry published in magazines, journals, and anthologies? Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz’s workshop GETTING INK is designed to help you get your work out into the world in print. Topics discussed will include research, resources, strategies and techniques, cover letters, and how to select poems for submission. Poets working in all styles are welcome, including humorous work, traditional forms, performance-focused writing, and more.

Email to preregister (strongly recommended).

Saturday, August 17, 11A Workshop – Parody and the Rule of Three, Omar Holmon

Achieving the art of satire and humor through parody while learning correct use of citations and ways to pay homage as well as the mechanics behind humor, why this is funny, why people laugh, and best ways to write pieces that are funny.

Email to preregister (strongly recommended).