Don Levy reading at the 2012 Albany Word Fest. Photo credit: Dan Wilcox

Don Levy reading at the 2012 Albany Word Fest. Photo credit: Dan Wilcox

Hi! My name is Don Levy. Most of you know me from the Albany poetry scene, where I have been active since 1989. I’ve enjoyed writing, reading and hosting poetry readings in town. Poetry is just one of the passions in my life. My other is books. I have been a life long reader. My mother got me interested in books and I’ve always have a book in my hand or in my book bag for as long as I remember.

I was never an athletic, rough and tumble kid. As a young child I had heart murmurs and lung infections. I realized that reading was something I took to quickly. As a teen, I got into books to escape the bullying I endured during my days at Sand Creek Middle School. I could come home and felt safe reading a Ray Bradbury or Agatha Christie novel. I enjoyed escaping into the worlds both novelists created.

I have to thank my Mom for suggesting books for me to read like Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood or Pearl S Buck’s The Good Earth. I learned to appreciate a well-written book. Today my tastes run from the classics of Dickens and Austen to contemporary writers like Zadie Smith and Michael Chabon. I also like reading memoirs, mysteries and poetry. I haven’t read much science fiction or fantasy, but I am always looking for suggestions of books to read.

This blog is going to be partially my reviews or appreciations of novels I liked, or disliked, discussions on books I think should be better known and taking on topics like ideas on shelving your books, creating a library for yourself, using Goodreads and other subjects. I value your input and would love to discuss books with people, as long as they aren’t trying to start World War III over The Great Gatsby.

So Welcome aboard and enjoy this ride with me!