John Mayo

John Mayo grew up in the small town of Duanesburg, New York. He is a lover of animals of all shapes and sizes and have been called a horse whisperer by his veterinarian. John is also an avid hunter and does a lot of his writing in the woods. Mayo started writing in high school as a way to impress the ladies, but soon found it to be a great way to get his thoughts out there. He still writes about love and the lack thereof, but has expanded his subject matter to things like introspection, optimistic poetry, life’s struggles, and even the occasional political piece or hip-hop-esque verse.


The Illusion of Meaning

I am in need of an inspiration
A motivation –
Some kind of sensation
That brings some kind of elation
My heart’s in need of persuasion
Away from the things I’ve been contemplating
With every lap that my mind’s been racing
I’ve slowly lost control of my concentration
Now I just wanna go on vacation
Make an escape and take a break from it all
And in the face of it all
What I want to know in the end
Is that I haven’t wasted it all

I don’t know if I need a muse
Or just amusement
Life itself is the magic
It’s the point that’s the illusion
From which I need a distraction
You live and then you die
There is no room for confusion
No winning or losing
I can’t make it more lucid
You can’t waste or abuse it
So you may as well take it and use it
Any way that you want
Even if they say that it’s stupid
Because the only difference
In the way that we lose it
Is in the doors that we open
And the pain we go through with


Intangible Drug

Love is the only drug
That is felt
Before it is taken
And to which addiction
Is permitted, just as much
As you’re encouraged to make it
It’ll make you do
Things you would’ve never done
It might not cost you anything
And it could cost you everything
Like always, it depends
On who you get it from


The Stars The Hide

Force yourself to do your best
And the only begging you’ll ever do
Will be to your very self
To do better than the rest

All these limits that we set
Are the ones we have to test
Are the ones we must surpass
To continue our success

Failure’s not a real thing
It’s just another path
That forces us to feel things
We never thought we’d have

Every one of your shortcomings
Are just stumbles in your stride
That for certain weren’t for nothing
And aren’t something you should hide

Every star that’s in the sky
Is a sun in its own right
And yet they try to hide
Behind the beauty of the light
Our favorite one of them provides


The Redeclaration

This is a redeclaration
Of these people’s independence
From the recent invasion
Of this treasonous senate
And unreasonable tenants
In the the house we invented
As a means to represent us
But til now have just pretended
To have us at the end of
All the means that they’ve used
As so-called means of protection
From all the enemies we’ve collected
With their unfeasible methods
That turned our fees into debts
And stripped our creed of its credit
As the freedom providers
That now create freedom fighters
Who fight with reason against us
Because the power-fiends we’ve elected
Don’t know the meaning of ethics
Or how to be sympathetic
Whose only reasons and methods
Go to please their investments
With no way that we can prevent them
From doing what they please with their power
‘Cause we as people have no voice in selecting
Who we get as choices in elections
Red or Blue it doesn’t matter
Both have royal intentions
Like the King who came before them
Who we destroyed in the revo-
lution that made this soil a legend,
So follow me if your blood’s been boiling with tension
It’s time to flip the coin on the wreckers
Of Jefferson’s foiled intentions.