Cheryl A. Rice

The next Random Writing Poetry Workshop series, lead by Cheryl A. Rice, will be at ARTBAR, 674 Broadway, Kingston, with four sessions (September 14, October 12, November 9, and December 14) for just $75.

Cheryl’s Random Writing Poetry Workshops combine Inspiration, Word Play, Text Maneuvers & Peer Feedback to make poems sharper, brighter and BETTER!

  • INSPIRATION: provocative prompts, ‘hot-button’ topics drawn from personal experience & unexpected sources– right under our noses!
  • WORD PLAY: dictionary games, classical & modern forms, aural/oral gymnastics!
  • TEXT MANEUVERS: altering the physical material a poem is written on, & being open to what future work might be suggested by resulting accidents!
  • PEER FEEDBACK: refines work in a sensitive, honest group, gives poets perspective on work impossible to obtain working alone.

Other Random Writing topics include marketing, self-publishing, open mics & other literary events.

Cheryl A. Rice, a 2015 Best of the Web nominee, has had poetry published nationally and online. Her most recent chapbook, Moses Parts The Tulips, is available from ADP Press in Albany, NY.

To Register: call (845)339-8686 or email