Margot Malia Lynch-Steiner is a poet, singer-songwriter, musician, and artist. She has performed in cafes, bars, nightclubs, and on the streets all over the east coast, including The Boston Garden and CBGB’s. Over the course of a decade in Boston, Margot discovered her singing voice while performing with The Jeff Robinson Trio in The Poetry Jam. Although Margot prefers to read her poems and perform her songs on the stage, she has also written a poetry chapbook titled
“Tropical Storm”. Margot has co-hosted a poetry open mic with educator and renowned poet Regie Gibson in Cambridge, MA. She also was the creator and host of Poet Rock Ritual—an open mic for poets accompanied by musicians staged in Saratoga Springs, NY.


So Fine

Don’t hide the light
You’re brilliance is so fine
Weathered by water over time
I see you in space
drawing lines
composing love when you’re above
drops of your salt sea to my eyes you believe.
you hold this note.
every time I look at a star at night
oh the black sky of your eyes
letting me in I swim
in you within the walls of my chest
blasting a fire into birth of another new star
It falls on the tip of my tongue
Like the edge of your hand
dropped on the strings
Documenting you and me
the love between.
It’s so fine
grains of sand, the flowers to the bee
One note to the final composing
we stop the world from spinning
Next to you I’m a major 3rd
I breathe you in eternal
Creating the whole
symbiotic notes with wings riding the flames
hitting our grace notes
playing the song
your brilliance is so fine
so light are all the lines
in harmony with mine.


My Ascension

In her ascension I watch her
take each step
with grace
falling in her own time.

With intent to break
past the things
that trap us from evolving.

She earned her heart centered wings through
heart centered direction
invention from inner heavens
she lives the vision
fights to resist a bad memory
loves the making of a good decision.

In her ascension I catch her shadow
trading space with the fires of the sun
Was she lucky?
Did she find a key to co create her destiny?
Does she not know the paralysis of fear.
Was her chemistry born with the formula
of success?

So I alchemize.
I feel the sound of my heart
beating from above
watching a dove return the song to the whales

I want to be fierce like you
the waves of the sun bounced off the moon
to project the dreams of my heart
to create a major breakthrough

In my ascension I let myself see
through my own heart centered eyes
I hear our harmonies when we cry
Oh my unfiltered original blueprint
divine design
It’s time we fly.