Gwil James Thomas is a poet, novelist and inept musician originally from Bristol, England. His written work can be found widely in print and occasionally online in places such as 3AM Magazine, Expat Press, Outlaw Poetry and Punk Lit Press. His fourth poetry chapbook – Writing Beer, Drinking Poetry will be published in 2019 by Adrian Mannging’s Concrete Meat Press. He lives in San Sebastián, Northern Spain.


Looking for Hope in
Humanity Needn’t be like
The Search for The
Proverbial Needle.

The once angry young man
who thought it was Judas
that had cajones –
notices the u-turned shaped
skid marks on the asphalt of
The Road to Damascus.
Like a settling in the storm,
my prior retributions rapidly
dissipate upon
witnessing strangers
perform unsolicited acts
of kindness on one another,
with a blind courage that only
the weakest of pessimists
could dismiss.
Take a deep breath –
humans are hard things
to have faith in
but even if it’s a soupçon
of hope in humanity then
that’s something.
Don’t get me wrong,
I’m no saint and
everyone’s entitled
to a bad day –
but the universe will work
its law of attraction
on us all –
so, if you insist on seeing
the worst in people then
what else
do you expect to find?
You dismissive,
self absorbed,


Sunday Infestation.

I met some strange bugs
squatting the back of
my kitchen cupboard –
my first thought was to
wage war on the beasts,
but watching them
hopelessly scurry about in
the light that Sunday night
I felt that I could relate
to them –
so I closed the cupboard
and sparked something up –
feeling that it was only right
to wait for Monday morning
and the working week to
start fucking with them too.


Well, Boo-Fucking-Hoo!

It was a lie I thought –
absence did not make
my heart grow fonder
for you –
if anything I felt stronger
I thought of your stupid face,
took up five new pastimes,
feeling quite impressed
with myself –
until you came back
with your beautiful little face,
grabbed your belongings
and showed me
a true absence and longing,
as I realised that there’d been
love in my life
and was left wondering
where it had gone?