Perfect Transcendence

Her lips met his in perfect transcendence
Two broken souls
Risking everything for love
Complete only now in each others arms.


Unspoiled Eden

They awake in the morning
Walking at dawn through these rural streets
Picking black caps on the side of the road
From bushes man has divorced long ago
From unspoiled eden
Modernization has altered forever the Hudson River valley
As they think of former times
When they were children
Unsure of their place in this world
Certain only
That they were



Christopher Ethan Burton is a 39-year-old poet from Dutchess County, NY.  Grandson of Ernest G. Napolitano, president of New York Chiropractics from 1959 until is death 1985.  He himself was a published author and member of The United Nations Association of the US. At the age of 13, Mr. Burton’s father, Brian Charles Burton, was murdered, gunned down while in his car and shot six times. The case as of today still remains unsolved.

Mr. Burton has written poetry for the last 25 years. Having battled with drug addiction, the author spent 15 years incarcerated for drug-related crimes. Over the last four years, he has been rebuilding his life, maintaining his abstinence from illegal drugs. His hopes are to help others through poetry and to awaken those who are battling similar issues like he has for most of his life.

His first book of poetry, Zuzu’s Petals, will be out this December, which he has been publicly reading from in various areas of NY these last few months.