Alan Catlin performing at the 2012 Albany Word Fest Open Mic at the Albany Public Library on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Dan Wilcox wrote of Alan’s reading:

Alan Catlin closed out the day … with a couple of poems based on “Desolation Row” then the horrific experience in Samford, FL at the “Emergency Room.”

Alan Catlin retired from his unchosen career as a barman to concentrate on his poetical works and to write his fictional memoirs under the working title of Hours of Happiness. Over a five-decade publishing career, he has turned up in a wide assortment of esoteric, established, and downright eccentric publications, ranging from the legendary Wormwood Review to Wordsworth’s Socks, to The Literary Review. Among his many books is the 2017 Slipstream Chapbook Award winner, Blue Velvet, and a companion volume—part of a long work in progress— Hollyweird from Night Ballet Press, which also published his chapbook, Beautiful Mutants. Most recently, Presa Press published his ekphrastic chapbook, Three Farmers on the Way to a Dance, and the full-length Walking Among Tombstones in the Fog. Another full-length collection, American Odyssey, was published by Future Cycle Press in 2016.