Author: Jason Crane

POEM: for Lorine Niedecker

for Lorine Niedecker I imagine you at a card table on a screened-in porch vinyl tablecloth with a bright flower pattern glowing in the afternoon light of a Wisconsin spring you’re holding a sheaf of carefully typed poems harvested from years of unvoiced imaginings your hands shake slightly second ring catching the light in front […]

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POEM: Naruto Ramen, Brooklyn

Naruto Ramen, Brooklyn where the cooks speak a mixture of Japanese and Spanish “Irashaimase!” they call as people come in off 5th Ave hang their coats and backpacks on the wall hooks those who know sit at the bar because the bar is a sacred place where devotion is paid to the sprout, the noodle, […]

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POEM: The Entire Sweep Of Human History…

The Entire Sweep Of Human History, Reduced For Easy Consumption To One Tiny Facet Of Evolutionary Biology, Made Easily Digestible By The Removal Of Context And Detail, Served In A White Clam Sauce Over Linguine Noodles, With A Glass Of Red Wine, All For $17.50 this is the story of trillions of sperm and the […]

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POEM: like

like garlic and Earth Balance over warm rotini the key changes in Stevie’s “Summer Soft” flowers on the window sill (our window sill) Roland Orzabal’s guitar solo on             ”Everybody Wants To Rule The World” miso ramen with white pepper and sprouts             eaten at the bar where everyone is sweating sembe and a cold bottle of […]

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POEM: Cape Town

Cape Town singing Cape Town into Brooklyn through a pair of speakers made in China music written in the Berkshires by a madhouse veteran of the solo circuit green tea in the last surviving mug from the latest in a long line of relocations the new room has an altar in it which would surprise […]

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