Author: Jason Crane

POEM: Orion on Prospect Avenue

Orion on Prospect Avenue sharp sword dangling from his belt swinging back and forth above the Chinese grocery the Middle Eastern restaurants the yarn shop with its scarves-to-be I’m walking up the hill wondering just how far away those stars are I know they’re not even near one another Orion is a picture people made […]

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POEM: expenses

Listen to this poem using the player above. / / / expenses $1.00 for the three congueros           on the D train           black men with beautiful braids           down their backs           too meticulous to be dreadlocks $5.00 for queso made from yeast           bought from a friendly former hippie           in a Bushwick bar           where a bomb would have […]

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New page — “Recorded Readings”

I’ve done quite a few poetry readings over the past year, several of which have been recorded. I finally got around to putting them all together on one page — Recorded Readings. You can also access this page from the navigation menu on the…

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POEM: cotton candy

Listen to this poem using the player above. / / / cotton candy God was on the G train today disguised as an Ecuadorian man in his 40s He was selling cotton candy dozens of bags of it like palm leaves stapled to the top of a long stick it’s a thankless job, being God […]

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POEM: sorry, Larry

Listen to this poem using the player above. / / / sorry, Larry after being called downstairs every four goddamned hours I justifiably killed Larry maybe not on purpose (quite) rather seductively, tentatively under very wan xanthic — yellow — zinnias / / / I’ve been reading Charles Bernstein’s Attack Of The Difficult Poems and […]

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