Next Year's Words

Next Year’s Words, the popular New Paltz Literary Forum, will feature three remarkable poets to celebrate National Poetry Month at the Jewish Congregation of New Paltz Community Center on Wednesday, April 17. There will be no cruelty to the ear or soul as Lori A. Moseman, Anne Gorrick, and Kate Hymes open phrases to phases of this spring’s manifestations.

Lori Anderson Moseman’s formal poems often split––the page, the thought—as in an energized dialectic she creates fissures in political and personal histories, chained to a rusted anchor. From the poem “lament this endless rush”, beloved pushed further under       hull careens over bodies/ forget the boat try dead man float     ease belly up ride tidal

 Anne Gorrick’s witty poetics both challenge the conventional understanding of a poem and entwine with the ancient beginnings of the poet’s urge. In her poem “Beauty, Money, Luck, etc. for Beginners”, she posits casting spells to quit smoking, quit drinking, quiet noisy neighbors/ read and write someone into your life . . . A spell to undo a spell/ To unlock doors/ To undo a jinx/ To unlock buried belongings/ I’d like to vanquish powerful demons and sell vinyl to collectors.

 She had no time for a faith/ that wiggled and squirmed. This from Kate Hymes’ recollection of one of her Louisiana forebears. Kate grew up in New Orleans, descended from a line of sugar cane workers who’d moved to the city for a better life. Her poems stand in the rich sediment of Mississippi overflow. From “Her lot”, . . . How do you fill a hole/ when you stand at the bottom/ muddy waters rising up?

There will be an open mic and refreshments will be served. Suggested donation: $3

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Presented by Wallkill Valley Writers and supported by the SUNY New Paltz Department of English.

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7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Jewish Congregation of New Paltz Community Center
30 North Chestnut Street
New Paltz NY