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A.C. Everson

A.C. Everson is a local, homegrown poet, sculptor and performance artist. I attempt to shed a new light on the many uses of pinatas (that I make) as an art form, and as the main feature in my various Breaking My Art performances which I have done coast to coast, along with reading my poetry in three countries (including this one) I have three chap books entitled Soap Box and My Two Cents , Love AC Style and And Then Some that I print myself and are available upon request. I also have recorded two CD’s “Words With” and “Idi Annine and the Mama’s” with Albie, Mitch Elrod, Steve Candlen, Tony Parino, Bill Rella and Mother Judge to name a few of the area’s most excellent musicians backing me up. They are available upon request. Meaning I burn them myself.